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MG MGF Technical - bulbs ?

Right side main beam bulb keeps going as soon as main beam is switched on . Plus i have no blue warning light on the instrument panel to say left is on . As anyone had this problem or can point me in the area i need to be looking at ? .

Hi need a question or two answered.

Is the engine running at the time the bulb blows?
Have you cleaned the earth connection which are located behind the headlamps bolted to the side of the inner wing all need to be very clean and tight on the spade connections.

I can not explane why dirty connection on the lamp supply fuse or the earth cause a lamp to blow but it has often proved to be the cause.

You dont say the age of your car but one of the first maintance jobs done on my 1999 MGF was to clean and copperslip all the earth connection and run a back up earth lead of a 10mmsq from the battery to a clean bolt on the engine.

Regards Roger let us know if and when its sorted.

RJ Rowlinson

Will give that ago,this weekend and year is a 98 thanks

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