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MG MGF Technical - Bush question....

Just out of interest... what other poly bushes do you think could I fit myself? instead of taking it to MGFC, MGOC or B&G....

As some of you will know I've just done the shocks and tie-bar bushes myself and now plan to do the rest of the poly bushes but know some are beyond my capability a bit :-)

Also, is there anything else under there suspension-wise that I should look at changing to give the car a more "solid" feel...


Chris Tromans

I've got some pages online about bushes that were easily installed. The most special tool we used was the torque wrench.

I've got the idea that I will need to use my hydragas pump to change the bushes at the front.


Many many thanks... that is a cracking set of pages!!

I might order a few more then and set a few hours aside for a few evenings :-)


Chris Tromans

Hi Chris,

The front wishbone bushes are probably the trickiest, as the suspension assembly above needs to be supported by means of a wooden wedge, and the wedges I've tried thus far have been unceremoniously crushed 8-( Lopping a leg off the mahogony table could well be the answer...

Rob speaks highly of swapping the subframe mounts for solid ones, but I'm leaving those until winter when the car is garaged, or until the engine goes pop.

The remainder of the poly bushes are all less involved than the tie-bar bushes, so you're unlikely to struggle much. If I perfect the wedge design & spec, I'll let you know.
Mike Hankin

hi ,i really need to replace the bushes on my car ,any idea where you can get replacement ones,cheers,cliff

The problem I had with the rear bushes on the lower arm (inner and outer)wasn't fitting the new poly bushes it was removing the old ones. I used a hot air gun to virtually burn them out. Then I had to sand blast the holes in the arm to get rid of the corrosion before fitting the new bushes.
Ken Waring

wooden wedges are far too dangerous as they breakup. (as you know).
Use a piece of aluminium or steel. That will do the trick. You don't actually need a wedge shape as such and IMO it is safer to use a flat piece. I had to do this when I changed my clutch.

Another tip is to smear any new bushes with a bit of dishwashing liquid to make it easy to press in. The dishwashing liquid does not attack the bushes, unlike grease oil etc.

PS. Erik, nice pics.


The critical items are the front wishbone bushes, if they are not correctly installed AND lubricated (use copperslip type grease, not anything that will wash out) they will overstress the metal and cause them to snap...not nice!


Many thanks for your input.. I think those are the ones I won't be doing myself :-) I'll give the ARB ones a go and the droplink ones then I think I'll go to the professionals like yourself for the rest :-)


Chris Tromans

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