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MG MGF Technical - Bye Bye All

Oh well, time to leave you guys. im trading in the mg fas ive had enough of it not running correctly and costing me lots of money(im buy a normal car with an engine in the front). Thanks for all your help. great car let down by its build quality. :(

We're like the mafia here.. you'll never leave.

A boring.. sorry 'normal' car may start each day, but the fun as gone.. pipe and slippers for you..
Neil H

GEE, I left the fold 2 weeks ago but pop on now and again to see what the crack is.
Like you I enjoyed the car but felt let down by poor build quality.
Havent mised the F for a single minute since getting rid.

Good Luck with the new car.
D Jamieson

Forgot to add........... Havent missed the F as I now have 250+ bhp under my right foot and when the sun comes out?...well I just switch on the Air Con.

D Jamieson

As Neil says ...

But I have to agree with you these constant problems are driving me mad - just last Sunday I had to put petrol in the tank and just two months before that it had to have an MOT and only three years ago new tyres..... and I almost forgot, after a very high speed lap of the Nürburgring it blew coolant out of the expansion tank because I was an idiot and switched off too soon.

Seriously this car (MGF MPi) has been most trouble free car I have ever owned and I have now owned her for 7.3 years.

Ted Newman

thanks, but when im rich i get an mgf as an everyday car. mines a vvc and theres always somthing wrong with it. i dont even drive it that hard.

It is our only car!

Ted Newman

yep its my only car. if it was a weekend car i wouldnt mind but the budget does not allow me to have 2 car. i just about kept this one.

Gee - if it doesn't work for you, then a trade-in is the sensible option; I hope you enjoy its replacement.


Good luck with the new motor Gee.

Scarlet Fever

With an MGF, you're not buying VW reliability, Mazda's detail in servicing, or anything that would last that long on the hire car scene.

You get a charateristic car.
I find that the odd tweak here and there when you notice something, keeps the car sweet and happy.

A fun motor that, if you look after it, will provide you with years of happy motoring.
Neil H

<< With an MGF, you're not buying VW reliability, Mazda's detail in servicing, or anything that would last that long on the hire car scene.

You get a charateristic car. >>

BANG goes everyones future warranty claims. All MGR Service Dept. need to say is "....what? your cars falling to bits and you want it repaired ?....surely not sir ?....You dont need it fixed ....its a "Characteristic" of the MGF !
Max Headroom

isn't that what they say anyway? ;-)

Neil H

Had an MGF VVC for 6 years - no trouble at all.
Now got an mgtf160 (VVC as well) - a few dealer troubles, but not the cars fault.

Both my everyday (only) car in rain or shine. Parked outside on drive all year round.
David Mills

Hi Gee,sorry to hear you are leaving the fold.I am sure all MG owners have had similar thoughts at times.I have had umpteen MGs and the tale is always the same viz hand never out of pocket,MOTs while you worry.You aint experienced anything until you've had an old MGB.But as regards "characteristics" the overriding Godsend is they are soooo easy to push.And you get to play heritage games like "find todays rattle".Problem is what else is there?MX5-No boot.MR2-same but worse.Z3-too heavy and as bulky as a tank.Elise/VX220-for touring,jokes.Or,it's back to a good MGB(if you can find one).And if you go abroad in that you will be PARANOID.So for all its shortcomings an F is not a bad compromise.Mind you I got a good one 2nd hand and I do not see how MGR can possibly justify the price when you have added some goodies.Still,absolutely nothing new there.It was just the same in good(!) ole BMC days when anything with MG on it costed so much more than something that fitted an Austin or whatever.I still think they think we must all be Hooray Henrys with more money than brains.We aren't,are we? Bye all Mose

PS Do remember to wave as you pass me pushing the ole girl.

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