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MG MGF Technical - Calling Dieter K :: Headlights again

Hi Dieter,

Just a follow up to your thread regarding swapping the Headlights without completely removing the bumper.

You said you were going to post instructions if anybody was interested. Well, I am very interested if you have time to detail it please.

Any info would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance

Phil Brindley

I'm sure that Dieter will be along to answer this question for himself Phil, but the way that you do it is to practically follow Tim's headlamp instructions as detailed here:

But rather than remove the indicators, and removing the bumper, you can access the side-mounted headlamp retaining bolts (as clearly seen in step 10) from the wheel arch if the liner is pulled away sufficiently - in fact you can just see this bolt pictured in step 7 - it's just to the right of the upward pointing arrow.

Good luck!
Rob Bell

Aaaah ICQC. Thanks Rob.
Phil Brindley

Apology for my ignoring the request, I've got hols and move house currently. So quite busy with other works.
(Put just tiles in my new garage, to be finished tomorrw) :-)

The trick is exactly what Rob said _and_ the plastic bumper is much more flexible as you'd expect.
You can bend it in direction front downwards to get space to wind out the lamp after removing the mentioned bolt and the both upper.
Notice a hidden locator joint at the bottom of the headlight unit plastic. At first lift the lamp upwards near the radiator side. Theres a square shape rubber bush where this joint must pushed in later at first (some soap or grease helps here)
Don't put to much force on the upper bolt brackets. They easy break.


Dieter K.

As pictured here Dieter?
Rob Bell

Cheers !
Dieter K.

This thread was discussed between 29/11/2004 and 02/12/2004

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