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MG MGF Technical - Calling LR Freelander owners... part number?

Been thinking about the possibility of having the side windows on my F drop a couple of mm when opening the doors - which ought to be good for sealing and wear and tear on seals and window runners alike.

The LR Freelander uses this system for the rear window.

I am now in possesion of a wiring diagram of the rear window lift thanks to the kindly folks on LandRoverNet - and the 'interesting' part is the central control unit (CCU) that is located near the fuse box under the steering wheel.

I am now trying to get a quote on getting one of these units from a LR breaker - but I need the part number.

If any of you out there has access to a Freelander (Scarlet?), could you look out the CCU part number for me? Like the MGF/TF window lift ECU, the part number should be printed on it!

Thanks in advance... :o)
Rob Bell

I'll see what i can do for you mate. :-)

Scarlet Fever

Cheers - much appreciated!

Hmm, looking at the wiring diagram, I'll need one CCU for each door... Oh dear... Hope they're cheap s/h! :o)
Rob Bell

No idea about the LR Freelander electronic system...
But, ..
Check b4 you buy how the unit gets controlled.
Any bus-system (CAN-bus or similar) or as required for the MGF with contact inputs.

The wiring diagrams or quest at dealers will show.

Dieter K.

See thread Rob.

Scarlet Fever

Thanks Andy :o)

Dieter, have posted the Freelander rear window wiring diagram on this thread:

Basically, it is compatible with the MGF wiring loom - although quite a lot of work would be required to sort out the door mechanism and converting the mechanical door handles to microswitch operation...
Rob Bell

> and converting the mechanical door handles to microswitch operation...

Doesn't the interior light come on as soon as the catch is released (before the door moves) If so then no need for conversion (although you will to splice in a few diodes to prevent the drivers door causing the passanger door to open)
Will Munns

Direct link to the loom diagram...

>> <<

Scarlet Fever

Sorry I cannot read the text on that.
Will Munns

I have a fractionally better diagram - but even on that, the text is fuzzy.

You can get it from this link - although I suspect that you'll have to register on LandRoverNet before being given access :o(

Good thought regarding the interior door light. It would be a case of searching for a suitable point for taking off a feed, but this does make the idea more practical :oD
Rob Bell

Seen the small diagram.

Dieter K.


Although windows that drop down to allow easy opening of the doors is a good marketing trick, there is one 'minor' problem.

Both the GTV and MCS have them and on a frosty Shropshire morning it's not possible to easily get into either car as the windows are stuck. You have to almost pull the door handle off to open the MINI and as the GTV has no handle it's hopeless. As you can imagine the MINI now has more wind noise inside due to damaged seals.

It also makes cleaning the door windows a complete pain.

I don't know how much frost you get in London so I'm not certain how much of a problem it would be to you.

Neil Stothert


Interesting point from Neil re: frost.

[LOL I've just deleted a *huge* paragraph, since y'all have already said it on]

I'm still toying with the remote central locking via a button on the dash... however, despite having the wiring diagrams in RAVE and multiple electrical engineers at hand, no one (so far) is willing to touch this project with a barge pole for fear of a tiered collapse of multiple ECUs.

Keep us informed of your progress on this one... if you don't manage to fry anything, I'll have a go meself.

Colin McIlwaine

Neil, frost in London fairly rare due to the wonderful microclimate we enjoy here. Particulate pollution, low level ozone and plenty of CO2 see to that :o/ But point taken. My idea would not see the windows raise significantly higher than standard - just a little maybe, but not much. Hopefully not at a level that causes problems like you describe...

Colin - I have to say that this project is very speculative at the moment. Perhaps the need to remove any mechanical linkage between the door handles and the lock mechanism is my personal bugbear. The other could be the cost of sourcing a couple of LR CCUs.

The part number for this (in case others here aren't following the other thread on and Matt's contribution) is YWC500210.

Colin, I'll keep you posted, but if you do undertake this project on your own, good luck and please let me know how you get on! :o)
Rob Bell

This thread was discussed between 13/01/2005 and 17/01/2005

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