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MG MGF Technical - Callipers & standard dics

Hi folks,
Are there any other calliper options available than the standard MG calliper? I will be fitting "normal" sized EBC dics/ pads.
Will the famous red MG calliper do or these for bigger sized discs?

try Rob's notes on brake options at

Beat me to it there John, thanks :o)

Freek, how large are the discs that you are looking at? To answer your question "will the AP racing calipers fit to EBD discs?" then the answer is likely to be 'no'. The caliper is specifically designed for a 304mm discs and can't be adapted to anything smaller.

When considering new calipers also look at the rotor offset from the wheel hub of the discs that you intend to use - this will have an impact upon your choice and on what caliper adapters you need.
Rob Bell

Also if you fit the AP (red) calipers, you will need to change your wheels to the Trophy style 16" ones if you have not got them already.
Mike (@home)

Gents, thanks for the comments. I am looking at standard size EBC discs. Those have a 240mm diameter if I am not mistaken.

For standard-sized 240mm discs the caliper options are very restricted - to my knowledge, you are stuck with the standard sliding calipers. But there is quite a good choice of brake pads from Mintex and EBC. What pad you go for will depend on budget, how long a service life you expect from the pads and discs, how much noise you are willing to tolerate, how much braking performance and how much dust production you are willing to tolerate. :o)
Rob Bell

What is your experience with EBC green stuff pads to be used with standard sliding calipers?

They're okay Freek - not massively different from the standard pads, but they don't generate a huge amount of dust - a facet that makes car cleaning that little bit easier.

Thing is though, I started competing in sprints and driving on track days - and rapidly found the limitations with these pads. The rears rapidly wore, and the front pads had started to crack and disintegrate :o( Probably much better for normal road use though.
Rob Bell

I've got the greenstuffs in combination with the 280" discs from MS. I'm not happy with the greenstuffs. since a few days, they making a hell of noise, they generate in my opinion the same amount of dust, and they're for about 2000km on my car and still give little shocks in the brake pedal when braking from more of 60Mph to 0.
Tomorrow, i'll probably going to put the original pads back on the car. At least they were costing me 3 times more money as the greenstuffs.
BTW, the disks are ok, they are not the cause of the problems that I've got with my brakes.
Tomorrow , I'll probably know more.
BV Bruno

I replaced the front discs with standard ones and EBC pads. So far no problem with my fairly conservative driving style.

But.... I did clean up the calipers and paint them red!!

Yesterday, i putted my original pads back on the car, instead of the Greenstuffs. And yep, the problems I've got with my brakes as mentioned in the reply above were history. The the car was even braking better with the original ones. So my advice : Big brake kit, yes in combination with original pads or mintex-pads. Greenstuffs, No !
BV Bruno

Bruno, is there a manufacturing fault with those EBC GS pads you had on your car? Excessive pad dust is pretty unusual with these pads...
Rob Bell

Rob, I don't know, but I'm gonna compare my greenstuffs with a set Erik had on his car a month ago. Maybe there is something wrong with my set.
BV Bruno

I took my car out yesterday after it had spent most of the winter in the garage (shame) and the brakes felt awful. A few quick stops from 50mph brought back full braking, even after the discs had had time to cool. I wonder if the Greenstuff pads or the discs need a good cleanup after standing for a while.

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