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MG MGF Technical - Camber

Hello all,

I recently went to check the tracking of my 1999 MGF VVC after i had to have the track-rod end on the right front wheel and the track-control arm on the left rear wheel replaced.

They found out that the camber of the left rear wheel is way out of spec. Almost -3 degrees instead of -1degree +/-30min. Camber angles are not adjustable unless I fit some M.S. parts
Ride height seems level, 2 fingers between rear wheel and wheelarch on both sides, and if the ride height was wrong I suppose the front wheel would also have an incorrect camber angle.

What else can effect the camber angle? Worn out suspension bushes ?
At the tracking center, they asked me if the car had an accident, "maybe something is bended", they said. I'm the first owner and I didn't had any accident so far (knock on wood), but when I replaced the shocker bushes last summer, I had troubles to get my some of my wheels off. After loosing the 4 bolts, the wheel didn't come off and I had to kick with my foot a few times before it came off. But I suppose that the suspension is strong enough to receive some kicks.

Besides uneven tire wear, what else can I expect form driving with this incorrect setting ?

Kind regards,

I suspect that worn bushes could be an explanation here Geert. Any handling problems or tyre wear issues?

The problem could also be down to a measurement error - even on laser equipment, it is possible to mount the prisms incorrectly onto the wheels...

Basically, if there aren't any handling problems per se, then don't be too concerned about it.

If you want to upgrade your suspension anyway, then poly bushes are probably the way forwards, and quite likely, will sort your tracking anomoly out.

The only over explanation is that there is a problem with the subframe - but if this were the case, the camber on the opposite wheel would be out too...
Bent suspension parts can occur - but giving the wheel a couple of kicks ain't going to do it! LOL
Rob Bell

Geert, Rob, could it be that one of the hydragas suspension knuckles is bust? Rob can check the reasoning (and may remember), I posted something similar last year when I found one wheel wildly out of camber and otherwise level ride height. When I had the Techspeed suspension fitted, they found that the white plastic bit of the knuckle was broken.

C Golvala

I hadn't thought of that Chaz, but yes, that'd certainly ruin the camber measure on the effected wheel...

Happily the parts are cheap, and are also pretty easy to replace: definitely worth investigating.
Rob Bell

And where can i find this "white plastic bit of the knuckle" ?
I'm going to install a rover 800 airbox with K&N filter soon, so I need to take off the wheel to remove the resonatorbox. Might as well look for the plastic bit.


Geert, I have exactly the same prob (only it's my rear right wheel)... let me know where that white plastic can be found if you come across it.

Has anybody else noticed that the rear right wheel always seems to be the "problem" one when the car is tracked.

David Clelland


The best I can suggest is going to the ever-helpful Dr Rob's site ( and clicking on Suspension from the top right pull down list. Click on the Hydragas oval at the top of the next page and you'll see a diagram. The knuckle is the sort of mushroom shaped thing at the bottom of the picture (under the sphere)and the bit labelled "skirt" is made of white plastic and IIRC.

C Golvala

Chaz, you're close - but the tapered 'skirt' is made of alloy. This component is conical - and the gradient of the cone alters the spring rate of the hydrogas sphere: it's a delta change of volume thing with delta vertical displacement ... Okay, I'll get me coat LOL

The plastic bit in question I think is found at the end of the knuckle - from Dieter's site, see

White plastic end-piece at the base. It articulates in the upper suspension arm. As Chaz rightly says, these have been known to break up in the past... Should be pretty easy to put right if broken, as all that is needed is a new knuckle.
Rob Bell

Yep, that's the bit I meant. Thanks Rob.

Ah ! that knuckle ! Oh, i hear a little devil on my shoulder already saying : "Why not install the lowering knuckles from Mike Satur right away !!" the force, strong it is ! :-)

I don't think this is a DIY job, is it ? I'm quite handy but don't have heavy tools to lift up car, et cetera...

and if that is the problem, is it bad to keep driving with it ?
Geert BRG 1999 VVC

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