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MG MGF Technical - Camshaft failure

I just borrowed my wifes MGF VVC for 1 day and what do you know the engine packs up on me.
Had it towed to my local garage, who aren't MGF specialists, and they say that a bolt that holds the camshaft in place had come loose, causing Armagedon inside the cylinder head. They spoke to the the local Rover garage who recommended a new engine at 3000
Although its 7 years old its only done 21000 miles. Does this all this sound likely, I'm not very mechanically minded?
If so who would you recommend I go to to get it sorted out?


Unfortunately it sounds all too likely. I should try the MGF specialists regarding firstly assessing the state of the engine (in all probability beyond repair) and secondly in sourcing a replacement engine. You could try Brown and Gammons, or The MGF Centre in Wolverhampton, who have a good reputation re sourcing replacement engines.

Regards, Kes.

It's a known problem with the early VVCs, should have been recalled some time long ago to have it 'fixed', but some failed after this anyhows.

If you decide to scrap the engine then Victoria from MGF centre should be able to sort a low milage VVC of the newer design and you might even get a little more BHP from it. If the garage are just going to stick the old unit in the bin could I take it off your hands, I need a buck to work out the locations of the engine mounts in my midget shell, but I don't really want to pay for it as I will be junking it afterwards.
Will Munns

That recall Will mentions was back in 1998 - more detail here:
Sounds exactly what has happened to you. Mike Satur does a 'life saver' kit that replaces this bolt - but sadly that is not much use to you now :o(

Bad news, but can recommend the course of action advised by Kes regarding sourcing a suitable replacement engine.
Rob Bell

Thanks for all the comments, sounds depressing. I do remember this recall back in 98 and I was done at the next service. In this case do you think there is any chance of a claim against MGR?
If we do junk the engine Will, which sounds likely, I'll bear you in mind.

Graham, I used to live in Reading and I can recommend Beechhill web site is.
Give them a bell you have nothing to loose. Dont purchase a new motor from Rover!
Cecil Kimber

Beech Hill are a bit different these days since Ted retired and William took over !
I agree with others that a good s/hand engine can be sourced from MGF centre, and to get the work done at a reasonable cost (estimate under half the Rover labour rate) I would recommend Summit Motors mg specialists in Maidenhead - one if the staff races an MGF so they are very well versed in working on them.
David S

>> In this case do you think there is any chance of a claim against MGR? <<

I guess it's worth asking about Graham, but I wouldn't hold out too much hope for a successful resolution from that direction :o(
Rob Bell

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