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MG MGF Technical - Can I have a gun? Another problem!

It is a very hard week for me. After the accelerator, bonnet, exhaust, gearbox and clutch causing problems, I now noticed ANOTHER problem, all in 4 days.
This time it is a curious one:
my F starts since yesterday to make a very weird noise when the accelerator is pushed. It can be compared to a wind-noise, just like the noise of the K&N sucking wind, but less hi-pitched and constant, so not during a fraction of a second. Even in idle, car at standstill, this pfffffffffffffffffff noise start to become very obvious when you push the accel. As soon as you release the accel it disappears. IT IS NOT A FAN, I know how these sounds, even when they almost never work. It is so noticeable that I hear it even with the window open on the highway (having K&N & SP exhaust this is quite noisy!). When shutting down the engine, it makes like a strange burbling noise when the engine cuts out, erm, like a dinosaur dying, making its final stomach noises before passing out ;-)) In an underground parking you hear a deep sound echo when this happens. Impressive to hear, but I don't like it, knowing all the sh*t that happened with this car already, it must be another upcoming bad thing.

What the hell can this be??? I haven't converted my engine to an LPG gas terminal, so I rule this out ;-)
And can't be a steamleak (although it sounds a bit like that aswell - hot air getting pushed to the outside noise), no smoke or drips are detected.
The dash temp indicators, known to be as reliable as Russian newsreports on sunken submarines, do not indicate anything abnormal, all looks fine.

Could it have something to do with the fact that my just-replaced manifold frontpipe, which now has melted away part of my rear bumper, makes quite a buzzing noise, like it is going to break down again?

a tired Dirk,
still waiting for the 10 tonnes truck that will sweep away my parked F at high speed, preferrably against a concrete wall, to be sure of total destruction

I bet the joint between manifold and down pipe is leaking - any decent exhaust workshop should be able to put it up on a ramp and diagnose & fix it.

John Thomas

As per John - look at the exhaust system - its the burble that gives it away.

Ted Newman

This thread was discussed on 18/08/2000

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