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MG MGF Technical - Can somebody refresh flakey SRS story?

This weekend the SRS warning light started playing tricks on me. (sometimes it will stay on, then again after an A/C cycle it won't)
I remember this was already discussed on the BBS by people who had the same problem, but I can't find the thread back in the archive.

So if someone can tell me where to look (tomorrow at dealer for other problem!) to solve this random behavior let me know asap!
Dirk Vael

Dirk, do you have a K&N airfilter installed ?


I had this problem when my F was a few months old.
The dealer said it was the SRS wiring loom misplaced around the steering column.


One cause of the SRS light coming on is the wiring under the seat coming loose. Check the connector on the wire that goes to the 'explosive' seatbelt restraints - it can get pulled apart by the action of the seat being moved forward and back.


print out Gregs FAQ :)
(Link on top of this page)

Section II includes what Alan already wrote.
But dont forget to join the dealer if your not sure to fix it alone. These are safety relevant parts.


Well guys, SRS works again as it should, and I'm nearly 150 lighter :-(

Turned out to be some "rotary coupler" (?) just behind the airbag which was broken, as MEMS reported all the time. Only when it was replaced MEMS kept quiet. Saw the broken part & testbook printouts, so they weren't joking. Seems some wiring inside this part got loose due to turning the steering wheel... F**K! I am going to try to get a refund or partial refund because these things shouldn't break down so soon (airbag should only be replaced after 10 years, so go figure)
Dirk Vael

>Seems some wiring inside this part got loose due to turning the steering wheel.

You do realise that turning your steering wheel invalidates you warranty :-)
Tony Smith


The rotary coupler is a series of metal contacts that allow the steering wheel to be turned and still maintain contact with the static parts.

If as your dealer suggests that the wiring was damaged then that has nothing to do with the rotary coupler - more likely some ham fisted mechanic managed to route the wiring in the wrong way when carrying out a service and/or repair to your car.

I suggest that if you have to write to anyone then it should be the people that have maintained your car. However I seem to remember you telling us that they were super-perfect and don't make mistakes.

Ted Newman

Dirk, the guys at Longbridge must have had a bad day when they built your car! The rotary coupler is rather fragile and can be damaged when changing the steering wheel,it is also made by Lucas (Prince of Darkness).The principle is rather like a expandable measuring tape with the tape bit being a flat wire in a coil, one end is attached to the column wiring and the other attached to the steering wiring,ie air bag and horn pushes, principle purpose is to make a continous connection for the air bag, the old principle of a spring contact rubbing on a brass strip for the electrical continuity is just not adequate for safety reasons.At 150pounds it is making someone very wealthy.

Unfortunately I have the same. Its been like it for about 10k now!

I can see the end of the ribbon cable flopping about. Can't help but think that it could be repaired, but that rover would just take the easy option of replacing the whole unit at this huge cost.

Anyone got a spare or fancy taking my s. wheel off?!

I await the "..for safety reasons they..." etc. responses.

holy s**t! Now I think Rover Belgium is going to get a nasty phonecall! And then the dealer! 150 down the drain due to an idiot who couldn't fit things properly...
I'm fed up of this >:(
Dirk Vael

This thread was discussed between 21/02/2000 and 29/02/2000

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