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MG MGF Technical - Can't close bonnet

I've just opened the bonnet to check the paint code and now cannot close it. It will 'half close', but it won't go fully down even with a fair bit of force. Looking at the hole where the pin with the spring goes in, it looks as though the lock is covering about 1/4 of the hole, and I think that's what's preventing it closing.

I'm guessing that the cable has either stretched, come lose or even broken. It looks OK at the boot end. I've had a look at the manual and it doesn't look too easy accessing the point at which the cable attaches to the release mechanism - it says to remove the headlights and front bumper.

Anyone got any suggestions for how to more easily access the cable at the release mechanism, or for a quick fix so that I can close the bonnet properly and drive it to the nearest dealer?


Ian Matheson

you should be OK to drive with it on the safety catch - after all that's why it's there.
David S


Get someone to pull the handle in the boot and see it it's operating the bonnet catch.
David Clelland

Yes, and if it does, then put some grease to the male and female part and try again.

Don't press on the sheet metal to get it closed to prevent from unwanted dents.

Hold it up for 10 inches and let it crash down with no force. If it still doesn't lock, I assume the upper/lower parts need re-alignement.

Had this at my 1999 made in last. It happened to me as will without no reason.
Dieter K.

I had this problem a few months ago., it turned out that something in the boot was preventing the release handle to return to its usual position. A very simple fix... move bag that was causing the problem. :0)




Just go into the boot and push the handle forward!!
the latch is stuck open!!

grease up the cables before doing this again

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