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MG MGF Technical - Can't get my kicks on the A66

Driving home tonight, pootling along at ~60, traffic ahead begins to clear so I put me foot down and... well not very much at all. The car (mgf vvc) doesn't want to rev past the vertical and sounds a bit wheezy when I put me foot down. Acceleration is not what it was. My vavavoom has gone.

It has been a bit stuttery on these recent wet mornings and I had the flexipipe replaced two weeks ago - otherwise no problems recently.

Trawling through the archives, I can see similar problems diagnosed as: plugs & leads; blockage in exhaust or cat; faulty oxygen sensor...

Friday night so won't get it to a garage until Monday but any ideas in the meantime?


Steve Madden

Check the convoluted inlet pipe from air filter to throttle body has not come adrift. If it has the car can sound very wheezy.

Or maybe faulty oil temp sensor stopping the VVC mechanism from operating properly?

Bruce Caldwell

My guess is that the Exhaust/Cat has become blocked. I've had my Cat cause this acceleration issue, to the point where I couldn't even pass a Lorry on a motorway doing about 50mph!
Dave Livingstone

I had similar symptoms for ages, could hardly get up some hills without going into 2nd or third.

I changed plugs/leads etc no difference, BUT I then changed fuel filter and it was like a rocket afterwards (although it is going back to bad I think :(.)

For 10 pounds its wortha try
I Brown

Thanks for the responses.
Managed to get it into the garage first thing this morning (very slow; lot of exhaust noise - whiny, wheezy and clattery). Reassured by mechanic that it was probably a minor problem with the new flexipipe. However, it turns out that they'll have to order a new one. Bngger. (But at least it's not a new cat - yet.)
Steve Madden

So... it's not the flexipipe - it's the baffles in the silencer. That's an X-Power stainless steel job less than two years old!
Steve M

The problem was the cat after all (well done, Dave - you diagnosed it right). And the cat failure caused the back box to fail.
The silencer has now been hollowed out so the new back box should be safe but it would fail an MoT emissions test (I'll worry about that later).
Steve Madden

Sorry - that should read "The cat has now been hollowed out..."

Not happy, though. Picked it up tonight and there's a dent in the wing that wasn't there last week! Aaaargh!
Steve Madden

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