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MG MGF Technical - Car died then OK again?!?!?!?!?

Hi all, posting this for a lady friend so hope you can help.

She has an early model MGF VVCi which just decided to die as she was driving along (power went, car juddered a bit, rev counter dropped to zero and power steering light came on but no other lights) but then came back to life afer approx 2 seconds and then drove as usual. It's the first time this has happened, has anybody any idea what could cause this?

Thanks in advance,

DJT Todhunter

Just realised it might not be the power steering warning light as she has said it's a circle with three broken curved lines around it.
DJT Todhunter

Maybe want to check the battery negative terminal is secure, alhtough this would not xplain why one light remained on.

Mine was loose recently and I went to start the car at a meet and it was completely dead, nothing at all. Turns out the negative terminal had worled loose. Glad it never happended during driving
I Brown

I was thinking battery as well but only the one warning light came up?

What is the warning light (circle with 3 broken curved lines around it)?
DJT Todhunter

I've just looked at my 1995 car and there isn't a warning light exactly like the one you describe. There's a red circle with 2 lines on the outside and an exclamation mark inside, which is the handbrake/brake fluid warning, and a similar amber one with ABS written in the circle - self-explanatory. The power steering light looks like a 3-spoke steering wheel and has double ended arrows around it.

Two questions, what colour is this light and where on the fascia is it situated?

Mike Howlett

When something similar happened to my F -a few times and then... real death- had to replace the ECU.
JM Vega-P.

>rev counter dropped to zero

This can be a symptom of a failure of the crank position sensor. Mine did just that yesterday - power loss then back on again. Unfortunately it failed completely a few miles later. 70 quid to diagnose and fix.
Trevor Hobden

crank position sensor NSC100330 11.99

>crank position sensor NSC100330 11.99

My invoice says:
NSC100760 14.25

The rest was vat and labour
Trevor Hobden

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