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MG MGF Technical - Car not starting...

Please help,

Over this last month I've never come across so many problems with my MGF, it seems like one after another!! I go to start my car this morning turn the key (all the respective lights come on then go off) start the car and then nothing (I think its the oil warning light above the SRS light comes on). I've checked the oil (seems stupid) and everything seems to be fine. The battery is fine, I really don't have a clue??

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks again,

Does the starter motor turn over? If not then there is a high chance that one of the wires running to it have worked a bit loose.

With the boot open lift out the engine grill. Look down the left hand side (looking from behind the car). You should be able to see the starter motor and a smaller the cylinder on the side of it, (you may need a torch). Reach down and give all the wire a little wiggle and push the home securely. Then try again with the ignition.

Hope this helps ~ even my wife can do this now!
Steve Ratledge


Thanks a lot!!


I had a similar thing a couple of months ago...

If the wire-wiggling doesn't fix it, give the starter motor itself a few taps with a spanner or hammer. It can be difficult to reach, but if you've got a K&N 57i air filter fitted, it's easy enough to remove that and reach down. If not, use something long and hard (ahem!) to tap the starter motor.
Ian Matheson

Just another possiblity that I have heard of this last week........

Blown fuses caused by a wire on the main loom coming out of the ECM at the rear of the engine compartment, rubbing against the sharp edge of the ECM mounting bracket. The battery, lights, instruments all appeared okay but nothing was happening with the starter or solenoid.

Checking and replacing the blown fuse allowed restarting of the car, but the sporadic shorting led to the fuse blowing again, with the result that the car would not start again later.

There are several fuses within the 'starter circuit' so it's worth checking them all if you have these symptoms.


>a high chance that one of the wires running to it have worked a bit loose.

And check the connections to the solenoid for corrosion. Unbolt, clean, grease and put it back before you go for any replacements.
Dieter K.

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