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MG MGF Technical - car pulling left or right when braking...

Hi all.

Got an annoying problem on my 2001 1.8 with ABS and EPAS...

When braking to stop at a light (yes I do stop at lights...) the car sometime try to pull on left or right. You can keep the wheel on the axis, but It's quite strong (and annoying)... Tracking as been checked and is ok, so where is the problem ? Sticky brake pads ?

It's quite often when starting and diseapear after a few minutes... It never happen at high speed only at 20 Km/h and less...

anybody got an idea ???


maxime have same prob slightly, i await like you for some advice off fellow mgf comrades of what problem and cure might be.
david morris

Hi, brake discs rust. They rust very quickly, and the best way to clean the rust off the brake discs is to use the brakes. If you don't use your car often, you will suffer from the symptoms you describe for the first couple of times you brake. Otherwise you may have contaminated disc pads.

I go along with George on this one.


My car is normally parked in an heated garage (almost the same as indoors) and so the car dries off very quickly when parked and never get rusty discs.

So what?

Well the car never has this pull to one side effect when taken from the garage on short runs.

What does that prove?

Occassionally I have to leave the car outside (poor thing) and then the discs do go a lovely russet colour AND then when I first drive it and apply the brakes it will quite often (relatively speaking) pull to one side!

So a couple of gentle applications when first driving to clean the discs and see what happens.

Ted Newman

thanks guys,nothing major thank heavens.
david morris


I had the same problem.
But after the garage fixed the wheel alignment, the problem disapeared.


as my tracking as been checked I assumed but rust is the answer.

Ted, george, thank's a lot!!!

I was wondering for a long time now It seem clear to me.


Glad we could be of help Maxime:))

Does it just do it on braking? Mine just wants to go left all the time, but it is definately more noticable under braking.

Jamie, your problem sound a bit more serious. Tyre pressues will do it, also alignment problems, damaged tyres, brake problems, damaged steering/suspension components ect. Suggest you take your care to a good mechanic pronto, and get the problem rectified.


Might just be the tracking. My MGF tended to want to go to the left all the time. Had the tracking checked and the thrust angle was off to the left. Basically the rear wheels rather than pointing straight ahead were both pointing to the left.



Wouldn't that make the car go right?

Used to drive an old mobile crane and when the cab was reversed you turned the steering wheels (now on the back) the opposite direction to the direction you wanted to go - if you dont believe me watch what you do with the steering wheel on your car when you reverse.

Ted Newman

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