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MG MGF Technical - Car pulling to the left

Any idea why? have booked it into the MG garage to have it looked at but not until next week

Sorry, I'm having a silly afternoon.....

Centre the steering wheel?

N837 OGF

How much is it pulling to the left.

mine did a bit. got wheels realigned, now its fine.

and is it all th etime or under braking.

there is one road that i drive on that under braking the car tries a suicude mission, aiming for the ditch or on coming traffic. i thought it was a problem, but i figure its only that road cos its so rutted

scares me everytime though


This must be the A 322 between Bracknell and the M3 junction. You are right its only that road.



In no particular order it could be one of the following...

1. The road surface itself.

2. If it only happens under braking then a fault with the car's brakes (uneven wear etc.) Could equally be the tyres in this case - particularily if it's more of a problem in the wet. Indeed the discs on the F are prone to water due to the open design of the wheels so even having more water present on one side of the car would have the pulling effect.

3. The front and rear sub-frames out of alignment.

4. Wheel alignment (front and rear tracking etc.)


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I brought the car to the garage last week.
They align the front wheels and found out that the front left of the car was too low.
They took it at a higher level (very smooth in fact, it's invisible)

Now the car is pulling to the right.

Can this be due to a difference in front left and right ride height?

Moreover, the car is very sensitive at high speed when there's strong side wind.

Any idea?

Only pulls to the left when driving - most noticeable when driving on the motorway!! The steering wheel is not straight either - never has been since new despite my having told the MG garage to sort it out innumerous times!

will have the tracking checked tomorrow. thanks guys. have a good weekend

Tony, its not that road actually, so there must be two of them. its a road between bracknell and the M4. don't know its name, but its a scary one.
i can guide you too it if you want a rolercoaster ride of terror

>Now the car is pulling to the right.

>Can this be due to a difference in front left and right ride height?

Yes it can !
The toe angle changes to toe out if the car gets lower... and toe in if it gets higher

I pumped my MGF with the own pump to a different hight to get the steering wheel centered. (5mm hight difference right to left now)

Remember: you should at first check the ride hight before you order the tracking.


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