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MG MGF Technical - car will not start red light

hi all any help is needed
went to start my car this morning let all the lights go out on the dash...he steering wheel light went out ok one above came on and the car would not start.. the one with the engine sigh and thermostat
darren jeffery

Darren Jeffery

hi drove the mk centre got there she drove fine turned engine off .. started it fine left if for a bit it happened again orange light with theromstat indication
is this a common fault .never happend to me before
this only started this morning.. shes been fine in the frosty mornings
darren mk
Darren Jeffery


Is the engine turning over but not firing?
Sam Murray

yep you got it turning over not starting,, red light came on but when i put a some petrol in it was working fine this morning touchwood
Darren Jeffery

This thread was discussed between 20/12/2007 and 21/12/2007

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