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MG MGF Technical - Car won't start - doesn't turn

Hiya folks,

OK - the car (std 1.8 T-plate) won't turn over. The immobiliser isn't on, the fuel pump primes. But it won't turn over. The ignition lights don't dim, and I cannot hear the solenoid click.

Oh, and it jump starts fine.

Is it the Starter solenoid (if there is one???) or can anyone else point me in the right direction.

g/f's car not mine, so I'm not that familier with it. Normally hanging on the other rover engined part of bcbbs!



It does sound like a starter motor problem. Sometimes a gentle thwak with an umbrella helps (LOL! See the archive for details James - it is free to become a member and gain access to these)

Often, too, the connections dry out/corrode - so might be a simple question of cleaning these up to sort the problem out.
Rob Bell

I had the same issue when the Starter Motor fuse went,

Try that first,

Its in the main fuse box under the stering Wheel

Sounds like it could be the starter solenoid.

Locate the solenoid by opening the boot and removing the engine grill at the back. It is cylindrical in shape and near the bottom of the engine on the left hand side. There are two leads that go into the starter solenoid from the left hand side. Gently wiggle the lower lead. At this point you may feel some dust fall onto your fingers. This is corrosion that prevents the electrical current from the ignition reaching the starter motor.

There's a good chance you'll start first time after this. Takes 2 minutes, and definitely worth a check to possibly save yourself a few hundred notes!

If this doesn't work - give it a good whack as Rob suggests!


Jim Hosking

Cheers Folks,

Garage thinks it's the starter motor as well, turns out she bought a warranty with the car as well, so at least it's covered.

Oh well - it's probably the first time the one that dwells on that other bbs has beaten the MGF at starting!!! (Still needs a new wheel bearing though!)

Is the solenoid integated into the motor? If not, then that may need changing as well I guess.

Thanks again & I'll keep you posted


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