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MG MGF Technical - center console upgrade

I was speaking to a specialist MFG garage yesterday and they quoted that to upgrade my 97P central dash to the newer would cost in the region of at least 350 in parts alone and that with having to move the ecu etc the fitting would take a few hours and so presumably a few hundred pounds. Does this seem expensive?

I understand that a few people on here have done this upgrade themselves and wondered just how much of a DIY job it is. Also it seems that the gear stick on the newer cars is much lower than mine, would this be a problem and is it possible to get a new shorter stick?

Any help much appreciated.

I assume you're talking about an MGF (given BBS section and reg of car)?

You may want to qualify what you want to upgrade? Is it just the instrument (heater dials, radio) surround, down to the gear gaiter? Is it changing all the air vents and the steering wheel instrument cowel too?

As far as I know the ECU (engine control unit) is visible when opening the boot, just to the left hand side right underneath the grill hiding the engine, so moving that shouldn't be considered. ??

Companies such as Mike Satur (Yorkshire), Brown & Gammons (Herts) and MGF Centre (Midlands) can help you decide what you need.

Hope this helps? Tony

I'm not too sure about the conversion its self, however I can see no reason that you would need to move the ECU (which I believe controls the airbags and pre-tensioners). I have spoken to a few people and it seems that all you need are the console itself, a replacement heater control box and the switches (not sure about the oil temp and clock) which seems fairly straight forward. As for the gear stick if you're going to be taking that much on the interior apart then you might want to also consider the Mike Satur Slick Shift which would give you a shorter stick then on the TF and a massive improvement on the gear change.
James King

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