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After my initial fix, the car was running like a dream, however a few days ago the alarm went off at the crack of dawn.

after turning it off with the remote, when i got in the car a few hours later the central locking on both sides was making a groaning/ whirring noise, which stopped when i started the car.

after my journey when i turned the engine off, the whirring and horn started again.

this continued for two days then i decided to disconnect the battery.

now the problem is worse, i cant open the passenger door at all, its in the lock position permanently, the drivers can only be unlocked with the key, and the horn still goes off when i switch the engine off, although i have now disconnected the horn.

any help even if i can only open the passenger door.

Many thanks
h kemal

Look at the door lock switches it sounds like the system thinks the lock is not fully closed on one of the doors hence the groaning noise. More likely to be mechanical or a switch problem rather than electronics playing up.
Gary Luxon

h kemal

Sorry to hijack this thread but it it does concern central locking. I was going to convert my TF 115 to central locking and have bought the necessary, electric locks from a scrap yard. Befor I go to the trouble of fitting them and, even more of a problem, finding someone who can reprogramme the ECU I have attemped to test them with a 12V battery. I took the covers off to see which wire went where and there are two motors plus a micro switch. The larger of the motors obviously powers the latching mechanism and the smaller on lifts a stop associated this mechanism. There are three wires going to the pair of motors which I assume are common, lock and unlocked. When I connect the common and one of the wires to a battery the mechanism latches but with the other wire all that I get is a lound ticking sound - I supect from the small motor. I have tried reversing the polarity of the connections to turn the motors the other way and the same happens. Can anyone please explain how the system works.

Many thanks

Jan T
J Targosz

the syptoms have changed again, now i can lock and unlock the car with the remote, however when i open the drivers door the locks make a ratchety groaning noise, although this dosent happen when i open the passenger door.

in addition when i switch the engine off the alarm sounds, to a point where i have had to disconnect the horn.
h kemal

Behind the central console there is an ECU, in that ECU are 5 small relays, one of those will be at fault... They are available on Ebay and are not expensive.. Just get someone who is competent with a soldering iron to replace the relays for you and the system should reset itself and work again.

M T Boldry

ive tried all the suggestions, nothings worked so far, but thanks to all who have contributed.

ive decided to live with it now, as its bearable.

whats hapening now is;

you can lock and unlock the car with the remote, but once the door is open, there i s a ratcheting noise from both doors, i.e the locks are working away with the drivers door open.

this does not happen when you open the passenger door.

in addition when you switch the engine off after a journey, the alarm sounds and the falshers come on, although ive disconnected the horn because of this.

as i said unless i can have an easy fix i will live with it.

BTW if anyone wants to give me a grand they can have the car.

see ya
h kemal

I may be well off here, so I can't say this will fix the issue.

Hopefully, someone will see my comment and say "no its not this"

I have had a mgf and then the mgtf and the central locking worked fine on both, but again one day got groaning noise from dors and alarms went bad.

On both occasions it was simply replacing the door lock.

I got a replacement from ebay, and disconnected the wiring plug and the various rods, groaning noise gone and alrma back and working.

It seems a common fault water gets into the mechanism and jams the cogs or cogs wear out.

B Buick

Thanks for that brian, it makes a lot of sense.

I will try this soon, and let you know if it works.

Which lock do you think will do the trick, drivers or passenger
h kemal

In my case on both the mgf and then the tf it was the drivers door.

BUT ! I can't say this will fix it. They are on ebay at the moment for 30

However, i did see on a web site somewhere that rover changed the connecting plug, so you need to make sure what plug you have. On the same site I recall a door lock that had been opened and the cogs teeth had been worn out.

I can only say it fixed mine, you may find you spend 60 and it doesn't work .

B Buick

i appreciate your thoughts

thanks, and i promise if it disent work, i wont hold it against you.
h kemal

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