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MG MGF Technical - Centre console part no.

I have been quoted a price for a wood centre console set from a European dealer. He quotes part number VUB 105360. This does not appear to equate with UK part numbers for the 2000 year console (VUB 105880) or the Mk 1 version. Can anyone tell me what this part is?

Steven Atkin

both numbers do not exist in a german dealers actual EDP system.
Just inquired.


My advice is to buy the wood from Mike Satur, the MS products come with properly bonded wood and I have found the MS wood fades much more slowly, it is also stronger.

MG dealers have managed to crack three sets of the stick on stuff (MK1) in the two and a half years I have owned the car (they did replace it for free though). At the price Rover charge for the wood I would have gone to MS if I had known about them when I first got my F.
Tony Smith


VUB 105360 is the part number for the Dark Wood Facsia Side kit - which is the console and wooden surrounds to the air vents FOR THE MARK ONE MGF.

On the Mk 1 there were two options, the console only, VUB 105130 or the console and air vents surrounds, VUB 105360.

On the YR2000, you only have the option to have the Wood Facsia with the air vents included, VUB 105880.

It appears that you have been quoted for a MK1 console for a YR2000.


Keith, Scarborough

I have paid a visit to a Rover dealer and sourced all the necessary parts for the centre console conversion. It is possible with mine, since it was one of the last MK1's to be produced and came with some parts that are fitted to the MK2.

Centre console mat FIF100070 PMA 1.80 + VAT
Walnut effect surround FDH102400 ANV 150.00 + VAT

gear knob AREA
(FJV101910 MDC 41.34 + VAT)
(FJL101920 PMA 15.92 + VAT)
(FHF 100370 9.15 + VAT)

Rear demister switch YUG101830 4.77 + VAT
Rear Fog switch YUG101480 5.42 + VAT

Arm rest and cubby complete
FJB100450lnf ASH GREY (Black to me) 78.00 + VAT

Several items from the MK1 era will be retained as the expense does not justify their purchase, like the clock, oil temp heater switches (a probable purchase from Mike Satur here)

Hope this helps

T264KAJ in Purple Haze

keith jamieson

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