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MG MGF Technical - Centre Exit Exhaust System?


have any of you guys heard of a centre exit exhaust for the F?

Mike Gibson
Mike Gibson

Milltek used to do one, not sure if B&G still sell it
blue pocket rocket

Mike, Adams & Webb do a 4 pipe one, unfortunately no pics on their site, but there's a small pic in last weeks Autocar, ad's section.I think it look's like the dog's' don't know price. Regards.
H.R. Bridge

The Miltek one was called the Gran Tourismo and you needed to cut a section of the heat shield away in order to fit it.

Never heard of Adams & Webb, any chance of a URL to thier web site? (i'm gonna look like a right muppet if it's or similar) :-)


Scarlet Fever

Can't you just fit an Elise centre exit silencer?
Thought they shared the same mounting points etc with the F?
I have seen a pic of the Milltek one it lloks like a shorter number plate would be required?
Steve White

Go to they do a 4 pipe centre exit exhaust. Not sure if it will fit an F as I've only seen it on a TF and the exhaust is slightly different after MY2000K cars.



Nope, because there is a central vertical spar moulded into the MGF rear bumper, although they may fit on a TF (probably have to trim the rear mesh (if present) to do it).

Mk1 Elise just has a rectangular (with rounded corners) central exit port.

Mk1 Elise exhaust is unlikely to fit on a TF due to exhaust sensor mods to pipework.

Mk2 Elise exhaust has (IIRC) tailpipes spaced like the F (i.e. at each side of the silencer box).

Scarlet Fever

SF, I just dialled Adams&Webb-search(I'm pretty computer illiterate!) Just rang them, stainless, Ģ299inc. inc fitting. Regards.
H.R. Bridge

Powerflow will make any system to your spec.
Choice of tail pipes etc... and their prices are very competetive.

Let me help you:


Quad system was mounted on a TF though, not F
David Peters

Picture of Adams & Webb exhaust
David Clelland

thatīs where I got the URL from *LOL*

Judging by the picture, it *should* fit a MY2K MGF too. Will need one of Mike Satur's adapter pipes as well to fit to an earlier MGF

Scarlet Fever

I take it this is in regards to the one that was for sale on eBay yesterday.
Bob Millar

I saw several MGFs about 3/4 years ago at a dealer down in Farnham. They were brand new and had centre exit exhausts just like the Elise. I took the opinion that the dealer wanted to make them distinctive and fitted them from new. Can't remember the name of the dealer, sorry.

Bruce Caldwell

I agree Andy - looks as though that should fit an F... :o)

More on the differences between Mk1 and MY2000 MGF exhaust systems at
Rob Bell

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