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MG MGF Technical - Certificate of Conformity

To permanently inport my MGF into Switzerland I need a Certificate of Conformity. Any one know how to get one with MG Rover out of business?!
J Foulger

I'd start with a call to the MGOC
Will Munns

I believe that a C of C is availble from thr Motor Heritage Museum at Gaydon BUT this will be for EEC Countries. A UK Registration requires this C of C which enables Movement within EEC. I had my UK Spec. MG thru MGR Switzerland. My C of C required to Register in UK included an Endorsement for Switzerland.
Minimum requirements are LHD headlights and a KPH Speedo and an Emissions check.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing

Thanks for the input. Got the form to apply for a COC from those representing MGR liquidator on this matter. Left hand head lights agreed but my speedo has KPH already on (small numbers!)so I do not intend to change. Swiss Registration Form beats anything the DVLA can come up with. With chocolate box scenery, trains which run on time and lower tax comes horrendous form filing and high speeding fines!

... Oyyyh, .... and wait until you need the first spares ;)
$$$ <--- ;-)

Dieter. With your Parts List and Rimmer Bros, spares should be no problem. 10% cheaper as MWST is only 7.6%.
For the Speedo, the MPH/KMH was not acceptable causing a delay in delivery whilst a KMH only was shipped. It is still in the loft but probably no use to you as it is MY2000 Steptronic.
The Dealer left the Lights and Speedo Head in the Boot for my returning to UK.
Geoff F.
G. Farthing


Which Canton did you live? I am surprised the existing MPH / KPH was not acceptable in Switzerland hence my question.


Emil Frey AG. Munchenstein, Basel. It was all in the Swiss price at 26% below UK on the Road so I was happy.
Next try to Import a Swiss (non EEC) car into UK.
Until 2001 you could do it at Dover/Folestone Docks afterwhich it was planned to use IR Offices but they had not been set up to do it.
Another point. You are not allowed to 'Modify' your car in Switzerland as many other European Countries.
Do you have your winter tyres (Mandatory)?? 16in will not take winter tyres so most people use 4 steel 14in 'spare' rims.
Where are you based ?? is full of Info and details of your local Natter.
G. Farthing

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