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MG MGF Technical - champion spark plugs

removed my plugs last night, they were the standard champion ones, fitted by MGR car has done 80K so they would have beem replaced about 20K ago, the tip of the plugs appear to be rounded of is this normal or do they require replacement????


Just change them.
The easiest way to make your car runs better / go faster is to ensure its even running at what it should...

i.e. Everyone assumes that their mpi produces 120bhp, vvc at 140 bhp as standard

it may well NOT if its got old plug/leads and old fuel and air filter.

Before you try and get 5bhp more via

Surprised you got 20k. I had that brand in my 75 midget. replaced a month later.
Don Locy

Presuming you are talking about RC8PYP then these are the platinum tipped items that are given a 60,000 mile working life and there is no doubt they can achieve this. However I find that whilst they may well work for that period of time there is a noticeable drop in the plug perfroamnce after 24000 miles which is why I look to change these every 24000 miles. If there are not the platinum tipped plugs then it is fair to say that similar levels of perfromance drop are seen after about 6000 miles, even though many double copper cored plugs are changed every 12000 miles at the annual service.

Being specific re your question, if they are the RC8PYP plugs then the centre electrode has a tapered end leading to a small diameter flat end. After high mileages unlike copper cored plugs these platinum tipped ones show no real signs of electrode erosion.

Roger Parker

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