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MG MGF Technical - Change my spark plugs

My 1997 vvc has done 40k miles. I know the long life plugs should last longer but my gut feeling is to change them. Do most "home maintenance" people go for
a lesser spec. plug changed at say 12k ???
Also, any particular little things to watch out for when changing MGF plugs ???


Forget about the long life platinum tipped plugs unless your lazy or have got money to burn. Change to standard double copper and renew yearly unless you do 'rep' style mileage. Like for like standard double copper offers the same performance as platinum tipped - the later comes into its own over longer change intervals.
If you want to improve the ignition system then go for magnecor Performance leads and when your battery dies get a VARTA Blue Dynamic (pricey but miles ahead of any other brand).

Gaz R


<<Also, any particular little things to watch out for when changing MGF plugs ??? >>

Don't overtighten or under tighten the plugs in the aluminium head. 25nm I believe.

Bruce Caldwell


If you look at the MGF FAQ there is a script for changing spark plugs with pictures. It's a doddle

As I said in the script, there is a debate over long life or regular. In the end it really depends on how often you are prepared to do the job.

Either way, at 40k miles, your plugs will be well past their best. If you haven't already, it might be worth thinking about changing the ignition leads as well. Magnecor leads are a good buy and better than the OEM IMO. Script for those on the MGF FAQ as well.
David Mills

>Script for those on the MGF FAQ as well.

And the one for fitting a K&N is underway, though other things have been taking up my time lately so I've not got back to finishing it yet. :(

Home of the new MGF/TF FAQ, MG Dealer Guide and F'ers Gallery. :)
Paul Lathwell

The article in the new MGF/TF FAQ for fitting a K&N air-filter has now been completed and uploaded to my site. :)
Paul Lathwell

I changed the plugs in my 98 VVC last year at 28K miles due to poor starting in the damp. Seemed to help a lot last year, though I think I'm going to have to change the leads to magnecore ones this year.



I believe setting the spark plug gap to the minimum tolerance can also help reduce damp starting problems.
Paul Lathwell

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