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MG MGF Technical - Changing MGF to MGTF complete suspension


I really would like to evaluate if it
Eduard Miro

Yes it can certainly be done if you can afford it! I had it done 2 years ago by Mike Satur, but it was a very big job, mainly due to all the fasteners being very corroded and seized. Approach him with caution - he may be reluctant to do it again. I'm very happy with the result though, and it should maintain its settings for much longer than the original Hydragas system. That was very sensitive to rear wheel alignment whereas the TF was designed to get rid of that sensitivity. I also got the 'comfort' Bilstein dampers at additional cost, but these are much better than the standard TF items. Have a look at for some of my comments (this may display better on Internet Explorer than on Firefox). After adding an aero front splitter the car behaved extremely well on the Silverstone GP circuit!
Mike Cunningham

Thank you Mike for all the information...

I know if I contact Mike Satur he could do this job, but the problem is that I live in Panama at Central America... a little far from there... :o)

First,I will try to make a list of all parts involved (front and rear TF suspension) according your experiences and some other threads showed here, including rigidity reinforcement... and/or other items involved...

I would like to find a definitive solution of this, having all time to do it...

I like my MGF (here are only two MGF in Panama) and I want to try keeping my MG spirit on the way...
Eduard Miro

Best of luck - I presume you have access to a decent workshop, car hoist and willing helpers! It'll not be any bigger job than many of the MGB owners have tackled.
Mike Cunningham

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