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MG MGF Technical - Changing plugs: crud

I intended to change my leads & plugs at the weekend, however on looking down onto the plugs there seems to be some crud around them: unsure if it is gasket sealant crap or whatever. Certainly didn't look all clean like the pics on Robs website. I am a bit hesitant to pull the plugs out in case there is some debris which might fall into the cylinder.
Any advice?

I did put the magnecor leads on and the old leads were looking a bit cracked and worn on the insulation.

MGF VVC 1996. 98000 miles and counting (HGF at 55000)
Charles Dundas


There should not be any sealant used on spark plugs.
The crud could be dried up oil leaking from the "rocker cover" gasket?

Before you undoo the plugs, spray in some carbie cleaner to loosen u the crud and also prise in a stiff wire to loosen any crud and than use your vacumm cleaner on blow mode or use an air compressor to blow out any dust/debris that is in there.



Thanks: it did look a bit like some reddish brown gasket sealant stuff: about 1" from the top where the cover joins there was some present as well. As above it last had the engine stripped for an HGF around 55K, and the leads haven't been touched since.
I will try as you suggest although it will have to be the vacuum as suck through a small bore tube as I have a Dyson & it doesn't blow.
Charles Dundas

I wonder whether someone has used some gasket sealant to replace the cam cover Charles?

I think that Branko is right - best be sure that there is no loose material there before removing the plugs; you don't want to have to strip down the engine just to retrieve it again! :o)
Rob Bell

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