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MG MGF Technical - Changing rear Shock Abs

Has anyone out there changed rear shock absorbers on a MGF VVC? Can you do it yourself
or is it a difficult operation, and can anybody give me some advice on this issue.

To change the shocks is a piece of cake really, The only 'special' tool is a deep socket set. It is possible without but it is a real sod.

Firstly though what is the reason for changing the shock... Is the shock dead, or have the bushes disintegrated, if it is the latter and you are not intending to up-grade the shocks then you might want to save a few quid and replace the shocker bushes with some of Mike Satur's items. I've written a how to guide on Rob's site under suspension

If you are up-grading the shocks with 3-party items replace all the shock and not just the rears.
tim woolcott

Dear Jason,

Generally, I don't give advice on this board since I am woefully under-qualified to do so, but I do ask a lot of questions! I have recently been doing so re changing the bushes on my shock absorbers. Since this involves taking off the dampers, which I did this weekend, it sounds like just the advice you need. I used Tim Woolcott's instructions on Rob Bells's site and those on Tony's site at You may also like to see the thread "Experience replacing shocker bushes" currently on the technical forum for some comments on how it went.

Cheers and best of luck

C Golvala

The reason why Im changing the shock is that it has come away from its mount, so really all I need to do is re-fix it onto its mount, Thanks for the advice everyone Very helpful

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