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MG MGF Technical - Changing the air filter panel


Could anyone tell me if it is possible to change the air filter panel in the original box without removing the engine cover (i.e through the opening in the boot, I already have the hard top on)?


Yes - I managed it once, just.

It was a heck of a struggle to get the top cover of the air filter out of the way - be prepared to skin your knuckles (on your hand) too.

Good luck

John Thomas

Yes, it is possible. I've done this too to fit a K&N panel filter.


1. remove the inspection grille
2. locate air box on the left hand side of the engine bay
3. On the right of the box, there is some flexible rubber tubing fixed with a jubilee clip. Losen this by unscrewing the locking screw, and remove the flexible tube from the airbox.
4. Unclip the four retaining clips holding the top half of the airbox to the lower half. To are on the rear edge (closest to you) and the other two are on the sides of the box, furthest from you.
5. The top of the air box is now free- lift up and rotate it through 90 degrees to reveal the filter.

Change the filter, and reassemble the air box and reconnect that flexible tube. Job done.

Should only take you 20 minutes if you haven't done this before.

Warning about those retaining clips. They are nasty- when they are released they let go with some energy, usually squashing digits in the process! You've been warned!

Robert Bell

nice instruction
I suggest to send it to Greg for the FAQ :)

Yes, thanks a lot for the info and for the warning!


Be aware that the filter element should remain fully seated in the lower half of the filter box, but often sticks to the top half and lifts with it. This makes it very difficult to separtate the two halves and so wehn you lift the top ensure that the filter element doesn't lift. A screwdriver to flick it down is enough to allow it to reseat where it should.

Roger Parker

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