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MG MGF Technical - Cheap gaskets

If anyone is after some cheap exhaust gaskets then check out

Very cheap at only 99p per gasket. Possibly have some other bits that may fit the F.

The K&N 57i kits seem to always be a lot cheaper for the Elise than they do for the F. I would imagine it's exactly the same or certainly suitable for the F.

Has anyone ever used one of the Lotus Sport upgrades on an F i.e. the different ECU, heads etc.
Bob Millar

Bob - not sure how much these are from Rover - or indeed from the likes of Brown and Gammons - but a lot of Elise owners use mg specialists as they tend to have lower mark-ups than Lotus ones... But thanks for the heads-up: worth checking out :o)

Regarding Lotus sports stuff - I don't think that anyone has tried a Lotus ECU on an MG - but I don't think that there is much advantage in doing this (a bhp or two different) - difficult to justify the costs. Lotus Sport heads tend to be PTP items - and should be cheaper from "MG" sources (that Lotus mark up again). I am sure that there are MGs out there with these head kits fitted - but I don't know anyone who has one fitted. On this BBS, the most 'popular' head porter is David Andrews - followed by Peter Burgess and Mike Satur.
Rob Bell

Mmm.. I see the Piper cams are 106 more expensive than I sell them for, the Piper verniers are 37 more, the MS head gasket 6 more, the Piper cambelt 10 more... all for the same goods.. seems like bargain central :-))

Dave Andrews

Oh least the gaskets were cheap! ;-)
Bob Millar

This thread was discussed on 18/09/2003

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