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MG MGF Technical - Cheeky K&N

I know this is a little cheeky but is there anyone in the hampshire/wiltshire area that would be willing 2 fit a K&N 57i induction kit 4 me? Im just a little reluctant 2 take it somewhere where they might not be familier with removing the back of the soft top 2 get 2 the engine bay and so on. Im willing 2 do it myself with someone here telling me what 2 do and i would gladly make it worth thier while.

I havnt bought the kit yet, just seeing if anyone would offer their help first.

Many thanks.


It really is quite easy to do and you should be able to do it by yourself...... take a look at the information on the MGF/TF FAQ regardng this topic...

Rob Bell also has a similar article on his website that would no doubt prove useful as well. URL for Rob's website someone?....
Paul Lathwell

Fitting the filter itself is very very easy.

Getting access to where it is fitted and putting the air pipes in is a little fiddlier and takes maybe an hour. I managed to do it quite easily though, and I'm crap!

Bottom line is, you are not going to get stuck halfway through with a car that cannot be driven to a garage!! For example, if you can't fit the pipes then you can drive the car perfectly well - you just won't get much benefit from the filter.
David Bainbridge

It's an absolute doddle!! Ring up K&N and they will send you the MGF fitting instructions (that's what I did)....they are very helpful too!!!....go to ......then either ring or send them an e-mail asking for the fitting instructions for a 57i induction kit for your model of MGF.

Hope this helps!!

Any further info required send me an e-mail!!

J Jenkinson

Gary you have mail...

If you've still not got it fitted in a couple of weeks time, I'll be in Wiltshire visiting my folks, and will happily do it with you then Gary :o)

As Paul says - more instructions on :o)
Rob Bell

>As Paul says - more instructions on :o)

I really must learn your URL ROb. ;-)
Paul Lathwell

LOL Paul - and you confused me with the change of yours!
Rob Bell

And I really must get back and do some more work to my own website - like get the submission pages working again etc. etc. etc.... ;-)
Paul Lathwell

Thanks guys, i have looked at Robs site and read all the instructions but i just dont trust myself. Rob i live in a small village very near Stonehenge which is wiltshire really, i havnt got the filter yet as im owed some money but when i get the money through in a couple of weeks i shall get on and get it, be excellent if you could help me out. One question though, ive seen some people say that the K&N can cut fuel consumpsion, is this right or does it increase it?

Once again thanks, and the people that emailed me should have replies.

Theoretically the K&N may reduce fuel consumption but the simple fact is that you keep your right foot nailed to the metal to hear all that induction roar. The end result is less miles per tank but believe me, it is worth every penny.

Neil Stothert

This is indeed the way with performance mods that 'reduce fuel consumption'. On a rolling road they do, but with people like us behind the wheel, that improved fuel use seems to disappear!
David Bainbridge

>>Rob i live in a small village very near Stonehenge which is wiltshire really, i havnt got the filter yet as im owed some money but when i get the money through in a couple of weeks i shall get on and get it, be excellent if you could help me out. <<

I pass Stonehenge as I travel to Warminster, so that'd be no problem. Not sure quite when we'll be heading past - probably the first week in April...
Rob Bell

Remember to tell/check with your insurance co when you fit the filter. Indeed before you buy it as they may be adverse to you having it.



My 20 year old brother-in-law (who is a mechanic for Ford) fitted my K&N whilst at last year's Silverstone show in the camping ground!

He managed to do everything without removing the hood and engine cover. He got access through the boot access area (having removed the ECU), and underneath for the hoses.

I don't notice much of a fuel consumption improvement, but the noise is great! (only when you rev it).

Tip, if you're considering adding a sports exhaust like the Supersports Silencer from Moss, you may want to skip the filter. Both together make an enormous racket!!!

Good luck, Tony V907 LOB
Tony White

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