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MG MGF Technical - Chickened Out!

I had every intention of doing my 5 year service myself, which would include cam belt and two drive shaft seals, unfortunately (or fortunately which ever way you look at it) my business is so busy at the moment I just don't have time.

My question is how much will the service cost (excluding shaft seals) my dealer have said it will be 545.00 (plus VAT) inclusive of material and labour plus the cost of none routine work such as the drive shaft seals.

Any feed-back will be gratefully received!

Ted Newman


have you though of using an mg specialist rater than a dealer, i'm guessing it would cut the cost a lot, i also guess its down to how important the rover stamp is.

personally if i had continued with my F i think i would have stop using dealers for service purely on a cost basis, oh and also the fact that most of them are terrible

I concur with Matt. Mine is due a 36k, and I'm going to take it to an "independant" (one man show!) who is a) 1/2 the hourly rate of garages, and b) used to look after an MGF Cup Car, so actually is familiar with them, and c) is 5 minutes walk across a field from home

About the only thing Mel might have a problem with is interrogating/resetting things in the MEMS - if it needs it...

I'm not sure I'd trust the "recently appointed" MG dealer (before that they were a general Rover dealer) in the town to bleed the cooling system correctly, though the do seem to know the right tracking values.


This thread was discussed on 24/05/2001

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