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MG MGF Technical - Child seats

So first baby due in a few weeks. We have decided that the MGF is staying with us. We also have a Ford Focus so don't see the need to lose the MGF. However, does anyone have any experience of using child seats in an MGF. There's no passenger air bag so I presume this should be possible. Does anyone have any recommendations? Also looking for a pushchair or travel system that might just fit in the boot.


No problems here with any car seats I've used (3 year old boy and 10 week old girl). Most car seats can be tried in situ in the car before buying as some are effected by the height of the seatbelt clip. Pram/buggies wise, get a slim one! :) the bigger buggies wouln't let you close the boot lid. Currently using & a Mamma & Papa's 3 in 1 travel system from which the buggy fits well in the boot, but this wasn't a consideration when we bought it, my wife thought that it was light to carry for her.
Good luck for you new arrival when he/she appears

Les Piggot

Hi Gordon,
I have a 3 year old daughter and a 3 month old son. I second everything Les says. All I'll add, is that I use a Britax seat for my daughter, and it's more secure in the 'F' than in has been in any other car I've put it in. mollie loves it too, as it's quite tall (for a midget's seat), and she gets a great view.


Kieren Gibson

Congratulations - my daughter is 3 months old now and when she is having a bad time and my wife wants a break it is the ideal excuse for me to go for a drive in the F with my Daughter!
Like Les I have a Mamas & Papas travel system, the car seat fits fine, and the pliko pushchair fits in the boot.
Jason H
Jason H

My daughter was five when I got my F, and we chose not to have a passenger air bag because she would be riding in it. Her Euro seat fitted well and gave her a good view, when she out grew that we used a Halfords booster seat just so the seat belt didn't snag her neck.
We've see other F's with Child seats so it does work, all I'd add is to move the passenger seat as far back as you can and watch out for buckles on shoes!

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