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MG MGF Technical - Chip in VVC engine

I have a S1 Elise 111s and wonder if some of you has chipped this engine? Did you notice any difference and if there was something else im intrested in every thing


I am sure you will get some very good advice on here but you will get even more on the Elise Technical BBS.

Hi Lars,

Stuart had (has?) a Superchips ICON in his VVC. We rolling road tested it at Emerald, first with it connected, and then again with it unplugged.

No difference in engine power between the two runs. The chip made absolutely no difference.

In fairness to Superchips, Stuart has not had the chip configured on a RR - and after that session at Emerald, I am sure that he'll now be considering doing exactly this!

Remember though, normally aspirated engines don't give spectacular gains with aftermarket chips, who ever makes them. Ignition timing can only make a 5% gain based on good fuel over the standard map - so you may want to consider spending that money elsewhere. A replacement airfilter would be my first suggestion, assuming that you don't already have one: cheaper, and more effective!
Rob Bell

Thanks Rob


I have a chip in my MPi, it might make a small difference but I would suggest saving the cash and investing in a better air filter assembly or suspension or exhaust or anything else....

tim woolcott

Forget chip, gas flow/ port head with bigger valves, 52mm TB Pipercross EVO filter, blueprint inlet/exhaust and you will see over 170BHP with the std mems.

How to get onto the Elise technical BBS. they are apparently some pictures of the S3 Elise around...


You certainly dont need bigger valves in a VVC head, the stock valves flow enough air for 225BHP (tried tested and proven) if the head is properly ported. At the 170 level the stock valves are more than large enough, 53mmTB is worth having though and a better exhaust cam together with some work on plenum and exhaust manifold.

Dave andrews

This thread was discussed between 31/01/2003 and 04/02/2003

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