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MG MGF Technical - Chirping Crickets in my car ! Help

No, the plague has not come down to Melbourne as yet.... however, When I get to about 3000 rpm, a chirping cricket type sound emminates from what appears to be the passenger side center console. I suspect it could be the alarm ECU but cannot easily confirm this. Car is 2002 mgtf.

Has anyone else had this type of problem?
If so, what was the cause?


Some years back a number of *F*s suffered with a problem from the bracing bar behind the dash and required remedial work - might be something in the archives?
Ted Newman

Thanks Ted,
I had checked the achives but not convinced it is that. This is a TF 2002 so not sure if they were affected. The noise actually sounds like some sort of relay chatter/buzzing. I had removed the alarm ECU and inspected it externally, but had not opened it up as yet as it is sealed with riverts.


what Ted reffers to was troubles with the broken welding of the cross member bar at early MGF. Appeared again at a small series of later MGF/TF at the brackets were the steering column is attached to the cross member bar.

I had this with my 99 made MGF, but it wasn't engine rev related. Appeared only when cornering or going over speed bumps etc.

Something with electrical gremlins ? ... may be.
Never heard of this one specific but only from clicking noise from the EPAS ECU when the power supply went low. But that was MGF not TF.

Not much of help, though.


Quick check. Do you get it with the windows down ??
I had a similar problem coming down the Stelvio in Italy and was in a Panic suspecting that it was a circuit that I had fitted to run the engine bay fan whilst driving in the Alps It stopped when the windows were wound down and never came back. Gremlins !!
Geoff F.
Geoff Farthing

Thanks guys for you imput.
It appears to make no difference with the windows up or down.

I think I will have to remove the console closing panel (the triangular panel with the footwell lights) and get someone to try and locate where the sound is coming from. it just too hard to do it myself whilst I'm driving.

Will post when I get some answers..




These noises can appear to come from the most unusual places.

I have had 2 similar issues.

The first was the adjusting mechanism under the passengers seat. Sounded like a mouse caught in a trap! With the seal fully back and reclined so that the back was hard against the bulkhead, it disappeared. A wit of wiggling and some grease cured it.

The second was the door card rubbing slightly against the door at certain speeds. Tightening it made no diference, so I have wedged some pieces of platic in where there are no retaining screws.
Sam Murray

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