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MG MGF Technical - ChromDesign


After the expensive holidays have gone, and having been rejected any brake upgrade by MGR Spain (losing the warranty of ANY part of the car, so I'll have to wait two more years -or upgrade to the trophy brakes-), I would like to fit any alloy items in my TF. I've discused that some time ago and had a big number of responses. I'll go for any MS items, but also interested in the chromdesign surround vent cylinders.

I know any of you have fited chromdesign items.

Anyone knows wich diference there is among chrome, polished and silver anodished finish?

Wich one will fit best with the MS polished finish? (I supposse the polished one!, but who knows?)

And with the MS brushed finish? Or there isn't any matching?

As ever, tx in advance and sorry for my bad english


Your spelling is much better then mine ;) (which doesn't mean anything) I live with it.
If you get no answer to a question, then your english was really bad :)

>MS brushed finish? Or there isn't any matching?

There isn't any matching, though I think you can brush the Chromdesign Aluminum polished yourself, or just inquire at Ralf Paffrath from CD whether he does for you.

I have MS brushed _seat belt escutcheons_ and Chromdesign dial surrounds installed and I've had the Chromdesign silver anodised in my hands. I personally would prefer all bits in silver anodised. Rob Bell did 'consequent' but only a few parts.

All depends on taste.

>Anyone knows wich diference there is among chrome, polished and silver anodished finish?

- Chrom resists scratches
- polished is no resistance against scratches
- silver anodised looks like matt grey and resists scratches as well.

Dieter K.

The chrome design chromed heater rings fit perfectly in the openings of MSīs brushed alli heater panel cover. And the chrome suits the brushed Alli well.

Difficult to see, but you get the idea:

David Peters

I'm very happy with the Chrom Design parts that I've got :o) I can't comment regarding its compatibility with Mike's trim parts, but goes well with the Rover BRM parts I have. :o)

Rob Bell

Tx everybody. But I have still some doubts.

Dieter, the silver anodised looks like the gear knob on the TF?

Or what kind of mate grey do you talk about? And the finish you have is the chrome one?

David, I see the heater rings in the Chromedesign web page, but I cannot imagine where they fit! Down to the heater knobs? And your knobs are they MS or MGR?

And Rob, in the picture you send of your car, I only can see the speaker, the ashtray and the heater knobs in alloy. Are the chromdesign items any of this? And, have you choosen the silver anodised or what finish?


P.S.: I'll post pictures of my tf alloy items as soon as I'll have...


The rings fit in the recess of the heater knobs. Although thatīs where they fit on the F. I assume the TF heater panel has similar openings to the Fīs. The shape for sure is somewhat different.

good luck,

David Peters

Thanks, David, Rob, and Dieter.

>..the silver anodised looks like the gear knob on the TF?
>Or what kind of mate grey do you talk about?

Yep, that's what I wanted to say.

Anyway, please notice, the ChromDesign surrounds will not fit to MY2000 and onwards cars due to the different depth of the plastic part. May be they could be reworked and machined lower, but this requires best lathe options.
There are ally surrounds availiable from a German at ebay. They are 5 off, but only in cheap polished shiny version. (I bought this for my MGF).

Dieter K.

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