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MG MGF Technical - Chrome Door Handle.Info needed!

Greetings fellow F'ers!!

The other day, I was at my dealer's garage for the 5.000 km oil change. I noticed another F (tahiti blue) whose door handles were not painted at the same color of the body, but shiny silver (chrome I guess).

I asked my dealer about the cost etc, but he replied that he hadn't sell that particular car. It was just using his garage facilities ( a major one in Athens) for a service.

He informed me that he did not know of such accessorie for the F. He clearly insisted that it was third -party manufactured. Anyway, he did tell me to try to find if the aforementioned handles have the rovers'-mg spare part number,so he could order it from England.

After a brief search in mgf related sites, I came up with no results, only some info that a few " 500 Abington" series Mgf's (special edition) had chrome handles. So, I wonder: if Mg actually produced , even for a limited series, chrome handles wouldn't be there also a part number /code/whatever for them?

any info will be greatly appreciated.

PS. the reson I do not want to buy the handles through a third party manufacturer, is that It would void my guaranty( as I was informed by the general MG-BMW dealership in Athens.)

Best Regards,

Theodossis Kazas


You can get them from or

I would assume you can also get them from MG.

Very easy to fit.


They are MG produced, and are available from B&G as Gaz mentioned.

Some written instructions at

Pretty straightforward, and look great IMO.

Rob Bell

The door handle assemblies are available from the dealer and are found on the parts slides along with the other door equipment. They are listed with whichever body colour followed by /bright, to indicate the actual handle is the chrome effect. They are also VIN dependant.

Roger Parker

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