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MG MGF Technical - Cigar Lighter - Always Live?

Hello All!

I just put a RoadAngel in the mgtf and it has raised a couple of questions:

1, The Cigar Lighter seems to be permanently live. This is a real PITA as she will have to remember to unplug the power from the lighter every time she parks. Unless there is some way to change the wiring so that it is switched by the ignition?

2, The RoadAngel unit runs of a 5v supply fed via a USB lead. This appears to be a standard for USB powered devices. This means that the cigar ligher unit is actually a transformer and a bit bulky. Does anyone know of a 12v to 5v transformer device that can be wired under the dash. Thus eliminating the bulky adaptor and solving my first question?

Many thanks

Ade - Surrey


The voltage converter is a very straightforward item from the likes of RS,Farnell CPC or Maplins but the output current decides which unit will best suit you. Search under "DC/DC converter".
C.R.B. Simeon

Ade I have an 02 TF and my cigar lighter is not a permanant live. Its cut on and off with the ignition. I use it to power my Navman SatNav and its always plugged in. Soon as the iginition is off the power is killed to the cigar lighter. As a side note I did "the illuminated ring mod" on the cigar lighter which also comes on only under active ingnition. Just to add I didnt change anything I took it as standard the cigar lighter was live on active ignition only !
D Jamieson

There are models with & without a live cigar lighter. For an ignition switched connection you can go to the B&G website and look at their wiring for the coolant level alarm.
G. Farthing

under the dash you'll find green wires, they run off ignition fuse one, there are two easy places to get at this, from the radio wiring, which you can reach by pulling the central vent out (pull hard on the bottom lip) or you can get at the same wire at the EPAS and if you don't have a passanger airbag you can fit the converter in the blank.

you can get a 5v converter that will create 5v upto 2amp but these get very hot so you are advised to use a heatsink. commonly these are three legged
in - ground - out and cost pennies.
Will Munns

This thread was discussed on 23/07/2006

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