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MG MGF Technical - Cigar lighter mod in the TF??

I found in the archives some details on connecting up the light round the cigar lighter, the info was very simple to follow, did the whole lot in about 15 mins. Only one problem, the wiring in the TF must be different from the F as my light is on all the time regardless of the ignition position. Has anyone else encountered this problem or know of a way around this.
Graeme A Glasgow

Also in my TF, the cigar lighter is live at all times. In the F it went with ignition. Could be the source of the problem?

Looks like cigar lighters are now seen as a power outlet for mobile phone chargers etc., so have been designed to operate at all times.

It should be relatively easy to pick up a feed from behind the centre console, perhaps at the switch panel, which will be live when in auxiliary ignition mode.

Good luck!

Sam Murray

If you're going to that much effort then find the light wires, on the back of every illuminated switch you should find a black wire with a red stripe (I'll check that, it might be red with a black stripe), join to that and the lighter lights up with the rest of the illumination.
Will Munns


RED with a BLACK stripe
Will Munns

Both my Triumph and Mini (both circa 1967) use the same colour code for instrument illumination: red with black tracer. I don't know why, but somehow this is comforting to know...

I'll get me coat.
Rob Bell

Yep, I was surprised when I spliced the loom between the k-series and the midget to find a lot of the colours matched up!
Will Munns

Will, for example behind the power window switch, is this the sort of thing you mean??
Graeme A Glasgow

yep, I used the HRW switch, but they all go to the same place.
Will Munns

Thanks Will and Sam, I will give it a go this evening, and let you know.
Graeme Glasgow

Done, connected up to behind the HRW switch, now lights up when I put the lights on.. perfect!!
Graeme Glasgow

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