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MG MGF Technical - cleaning a K&N

Is it necessary to buy the proper cleaning and oiling kit from K&N? Is there another generic product that's ok or is there some weird household cleaning type substance that does the job perfectly well?
Bob Millar

Is it possible to put it in the Dish Washer ??
Steve Ratledge

Washing machine surely on setting for cotton with a slow spin?
PA Beet, probably best to remove the K&N from the car before putting it in the washing machine :)

On a slightly more serious note.... you could try any shop selling motocross accessories as they will stock filter cleaner and oil. Any motor trade wholesaler will stock solvent. The main point is not to use water in any way as this will cause the cotton gauze to shrink and then your filter won't work effectively.
Richard Jones 1

Come on Bob, it's only fifteen quid and lasts for years!

I thought it was us Aberdonians who were tight.

Sam Murray

"Come on Bob, it's only fifteen quid and lasts for years"

only seen if for 30. hitler firewall blocks eBay :-(
Bob Millar

O.M.G - He's not prepared to pay for internet access at home either!!!! ;-)
Richard Jones 1

"O.M.G - He's not prepared to pay for internet access at home either!!!! ;-)"

Well you know us scots!!! lol!
Bob Millar

As said by Richard, I clean mine with cleaner solvent. (same as engine cleaner). Wash off later with water as K&N recommends.

Re-oil with the stuff from K&N or from any other cotton filter manufacturer.

And use proper amount of oil! Too much oil will make the filter almost blocked for air,car will be slow and sluggish.And it will only be better after too long time. So a re-clean of a over-oiled filter is the only solution. Know from bitter experience many years back when these kind of filters came to market and fitted one to my Mini 850. ;O)
/ Carl.

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