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MG MGF Technical - Cleaning K&N.

OK, my K&N air filter is now completely black.
I've put off cleaning it for too long now.

So I am off down to Halfords to get the cleaning kit.

Questions, what is the best cleaning solution/method?

If you soak it in a solvent, how long does it take to dry?
(as i guess it would be bad news putting it back on the car before it's absolutely completely dry.)

What does everyone else do?
Maybe i should have 2, one to wash and one to wear, so to speak.

paul weatherill

Just reading through the K&N Web-site:

1) Service every 50,000 -100,000 miles on street driven applications.
2) Service often in off-road or heavy dust conditions or when air filter reaches 18" of restrictions.
3) Let the dirt "build-up" work for you; it will not hurt the performance and actually help filter the air.

So are they saying not to clean the filter?????

Contrary to what you may have heard or read, a K&N Filtercharger will not void your vehicle warranty. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act passed in 1982 makes it illegal for a manufacturer to void a new vehicle warranty if the consumer uses non-OEM filters unless that manufacturer provides filters free of charge. If the manufacturer does not provide air filters free of charge, they cannot void the vehicle's warranty simply because you have installed an aftermarket air filter.

I take it this is an american warranty act????

paul weatherill

Best bet is to buy a K&N filter recharger kit. I have one in stock on Otherwise get them from Kinnor Services.


Owen Geddes

Hi Paul.

My K&N filter is completely black after only 15k miles, I know I drive on dirty roads... I'm cleaning it no matter what they say. The best way is definetively to buy the kit. I bought one this week for 16. It complies the washer product plus the very important oil to "soak" it afterwards. And it wouldn't be all used just once.

Don't clean it with gasoline as some garages like to do!

Cheers, Valter.

Thanks Guys,

Local Shop has Recharger kit in stock, will pick up this afternoon.

Guess the car will be off the road for a day or so, whilst the filter dries out after washing.

(or put the original filter back on for a day.)
paul weatherill

I basically clean the K&N every year. The service interval is that much shorter because of the effectiveness of those under body air ducts also collecting road dust and debris!

Well Paul, at least it shows that you've set the pipes up correctly! ;o)
Rob Bell

I clean the filter at least once a year as it is pretty dusty here. You notice the difference after cleaning it. It won't take a whole day. The filter will dry within a couple of hours the most (don't use a hair dryer though as it will shrink).

Spyros Papageorghiou

Spyros,your filter may dry in a couple of hours where you are ,when i was in Rhodes i think it would have dried in a couple of minuets it was so hot, the weather here today Spyros is B****y Freezing ha ! thats UK for you. DAVE.
david morris

This thread was discussed on 09/05/2002

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