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MG MGF Technical - cleaning the black tono cover

Hi i put a request on the general site about cleaning the black tono cover bringing it back to like new i am sure there must be a product that you can use to put the colour back in to the canverce
any further help please
thanks Andrew in australia
AR Cayzer

Any product you can use to clean vinyl hoods, like those seen on some midgets and B's should do it- IF we're talking about the same thing; my tonnuex (sp?) is vinyl and not canvas.
Over here there is a product called Renovo that seems to work well on vinyl. If it is canvas you'll need a dedicated canvas/ fabric cleaner. Autoglym do products for both types of material, ask at a motor store for their product range- I reckon you have better weather for cleaning over there!!!

So do all mgs in the uk have vinyl tops the only vinyl types i have seen are on i think the t model
i will have a look at the product autoglym i asked at the mg car club i am in but putting the colour back dosent seem to happen mine is realy faded
thanks Andrew
AR Cayzer


The mgf /tf have the stayfast hood (i presume you mean hood) What mg have you got..
If you have a mgf tf the product to use is renovo for the stayfast hoods.
m e johnson

err ...
Just seen one of your other posts it is a mgf you have.
all the mgf tf in the uk have the "stayfast material " for the hoods , from what i understand it is a modern lighter weight alternative to mohair with a 10 year plus life span . It looks like mohair but is a cheaper nearly as good item.
The hood cover (tonueo) yes i,ve spelt it wrong !! is a vinyl type material which should be just a wipe clean on this age of car.
m e johnson

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