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MG MGF Technical - Clicking Noise?

Whilst leisurely driving home from Belgium yesterday I could hear a faint clicking noise coming from either the dash or front of my car. I recall having similar noise on one of the MGB's I've had (had 3 B's + 1 midget)could this be the same problem?

Stone in tyre tread?
Will Munns

What was the problem in the MGB?
JohnP @home

Speedo cable?
Will Munns

The problem with my B was a worn speedo cable but dodn't think it could be the same on my F as it's only done 26K.
No the treads are clear.

I had a clicking noise and it turned out to be the alternator belt had a strip of belt loose and was knocking against the body as the belt turned. Take a look with a torch.


I experience the same problem. The clicking gets faster when driving faster, and vice versa, which makes me believe it's either the speedo cable (although speedometer functioning corectly) or another part in the dashboard that has come (slightly) loose.

Haven't found the solution to the problem yet though, as the clicking doesn't always happen (seems to be like those other ambient temperature dependent noises produced by the beloved F)...


John, thats just the kind of sound I'm having. I will have a look later.

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