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MG MGF Technical - Clicking roof ???

Dear All

Has anyone ever had a problem with the soft-top making a clicking sort of noise??

If so is there a way of stopping it ??



1.8i BRG N440 GYG

Do you mean when it is up and you are driving along?? If so, then just check that the end of the zip for the rear window is velcroed to the hood. That one got me for ages!! It 'clicks' against the metal frame work.

If it is not that then I can't help you!

R585 ERO
Chris George

Yep - I get this, however only when not moving once I am under way I find the birds fly off:-)

Ted Newman

Same problem: Usually the girlfriend picking the cabbage out of her teeth with a pick

jon, you shouldn't put your head in her mouth;-0 cheers Paul

I got that! I traced it to the sun visor on the right, not thought of any fix yet just stuck a peice of cloth behind it

Michael Miller

Dear All

Well I am glad to see I am not the only one with this problem. It does happen only when the roof is up, and I have tryed to push the sun visors forward and no help.

I sure that it has nothing to do with the velcrow(is that how you spell it??).

I have tried to push the frame up while it makes the noice and that has helped slightly.

Oh well I gues it just another one to add to the unsolved mistries of the M G F ......



1.8i BRG N440 GYG

I had a noise from the sun visors ... stuck one of those small black rubber feet to the hood just behind each visor - no noise now. Might also want to oil the 'joints' in the frame.



I had also several undefined noises at my good old MGF. (+++)
Fixed it by adding a Sportsexhaust and an K&N filtercharger.
If that doesn't help then look for a powerfull ICE.
Drum and Base CDs from my sons where the best :) (booom, boom)

PS. sorry for sarcastic kidding, but i miss my old MGF :(
Dieter Koennecke

Hi Dieter,

Just been reading through..

your -sport sex haust- huh?

Can I add that too? on my MGF?

Sorry, just being silly today. Got an exam today.

Going nuts... should be cramming..

arrg, hope you get a new F soon!
Hanah Kim

Yes-- I got that problem when the hood is up, but only hear it occasionally-- it seems to come from inside the actual header rail or from inside the tube above one's head. Could it be a broken rivet or nut floating about inside ??? No its not the zip or sunvisor in my case. Any other thoughts???


Richard N159 TBD
Richard Hyde

This thread was discussed on 31/10/2000

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