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MG MGF Technical - Clogged Water Squirter

I tried to get an answer in the general page but failed.

My squirter on my "bonet" has stopped firing. I check it and it seems fine. Should i get a new one or is there a cleaning solution i could use?

I swapped left with right and the same one is clogged. Any suggestions?

Very thin pin or a length of fuse wire - use it to push the water back in the jet. OR push a thin pin or wire into the jet from the outside, wiggle it around a bit, try it. If still blocked put your mouth to the jet and blow very hard. If still blocked give your local dealer about 3.64 for a new jet.

It's probably just gummed up: try using a small pin to clean the nozzle.
Rob Bell

Beaten by 30 seconds... Bah!
Rob Bell

also on your original post right at the very top

"Will Munns, Cambridge, 1600 midget without front bumper - and P Reg F

Hood? (mutter mutter merkins mutter mutter)

Sounds more like you have some problem with the pipe crimping when you shut the _BONNET_ "

seemed like an excellent piece of advice, after we discovered that you were not talking about the softtop roof.

I have suffered the same problem. Are you putting screen concentrate directly into the washer bottle and then topping with water? If so, this could be the cause as over a period of time the concentrate forms a gel at at the base of the washer bottle and creates a blockage.

Fill the washer bottle with hot water and stir with the handle end of a wooden spoon. You may have to do this several times. Ideally remove the washer bottle and filter and clean thoroughly.

In order to prevent this reoccuring pre mix your concentrate in an old milk cartoon or something similar, give it a good shake before dispensing into the washer bottle itself. This should prevent future blockages.

Hope this helps.

This thread was discussed on 04/03/2005

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