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MG MGF Technical - close to nervous breakdown...

My MGF has to get back to the garage tomorrow as agreed a few weeks ago to sort out problems with new roof (wrong sealant used because Rover couldn't find right one!) plus leaking & squeaking. Other thing on the agenda is a brake pad slipping against the disc. Plus tracking that needs to be sorted out.

Okay you may say, so what?

Well, even before I get to the dealer I discovered this weekend one of my doorpins (right, never use that one) is completely blocked. Should be easy to fix I guess. No reason for a sudden heartattack either.
But this morning a more worrying thing has introduced itself. It's that f***ing engine again. It's seemingly going loopy or something. I have absolutely no clue what it is this time (sigh).
She still feels +/- ok, no vibration or lack of power, BUT in low revs she now tends to sputter, like happens if you leave it in 1st and drive only on idle revs, not using accel. Will move forwards in shocks, but only at low revs, any gear. And more importantly, a new noise has introduced itself at the same time. It's hard to describe what it is, but it resembles like a tyre screeching on plastic inside of wheelarch, clearly coming out of the engine bay. Will only happen if you push accelerator, does not happen if you are moving without accelerating (so nothing to do with movement of car, only engine related). Noise will remain no matter how high revs are going. And in low revs I noticed my radio becomes unhearable due to a very deep but loud noise the engine is producing.
I still have 2 weeks of factory guarantee, I hope this (2nd) VVC engine will blow up before November, if it's that it wants to do.
Has anyone a clue where to start looking for the source? Exhaust is still ok, manifold frontpipe was only replaced recently for 2nd time, sounds also ok. K&N ok. This really comes from INSIDE engine. If it would be the plugs i'd feel it, since I had that already twice. In idle nothing abnormal is heard or felt, but asa you drive my hair starts raising! I assure you, the noise is so ugly I don't know how long the car will last today or tomorrow... what part can cause such a screeching/slipping noise? Oil problems?Clutch? Gearbox? VVC Head?

dirk, sounds as though you have a terminal problem, could be the clutch disintegrating, get to a garage, soon, Mike.

This thread was discussed on 17/10/2000

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