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MG MGF Technical - Cloudy Headlights

After being without our family car and driving our 97 MGF during January and February, I realised just how dim the headlights were and decided to get them refurbished. It's a mystery how they were passing MOTS.
Dismantling instructions are detailed elsewhere but a couple of words of caution. Removal of the indicators needs a very slim flat blade to push back a plastic tang and release the unit. Use of a screwdriver as a lever will snap off the plastic tang and the indicator will need to be held in with velcro or double sided tape. I know because I broke both mine. Dismantling of the headlight unit needs extreme care as the reflector moulding is very brittle.
Dual Metalising handled the resilvering fot 100 for the pair, including VAT and packing. When sending off the reflectors, very careful packing is necessary. Reassembly took a couple of hours and once agsin, extreme care is needed when assembling the headlight unit as it is very fiddly and marks on the silvering are difficult to remove. The headlamp glasses can be washed with soapy water. I put silicone grease around the lens gaskets and copper grease on all the body work screws on reassembly.
Brian Highe

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