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MG MGF Technical - cluch

My wife has a 10 year old MGF which is her pride and joy. But she has been having trouble with the cluch. She has been told that the cluch arm has seized and the cluch appears to be worn. She has been quoted 2k for replacement. Would appreciate some advice and recommendation as to any local assistance in the North yorkshire area.
A Golob


My TF suffered a seized clutch arm recently and also required a replacement clutch as a result. The total cost of the work was just over 800. It's mostly labour charges in getting the gearbox/clutch out and back in again.

I'm not an expert on the fine details of this but I can't see that the cost of doing the same thing on an F should be substantially different to a TF.

Work on my car was done by the main dealer who sold me the car and who are now an XPart service centre (and a Citroen dealer).

Chris Rudge

2k is a joke.You could get a recon engine fitted for that price.
Have you tried a local independent garage??
I,m sure you could get a lot shaved off the 800.00 Chris paid at the main dealers but finding a good one is the problem.
EG..I paid 500.00 for a new head gasket/water pump/cambelt change at my local garage when main dealer prices were 1200.00.
Shop about mate.
Good luck

m e johnson

Have you tried Mike Satur in Rotherham might not be to far from you.....

m e johnson

2K means they don't want your custom.

But Hey if you do want us to go ahead we are willing to take your money


I had a quote for the same at an mg specialist on the way to Bicester, Bucks and was quoted 550. Decided to do the job my self with a friend and it is a bitch of a job. Used the Branko method where you do not need to remove the gearbox from out of the car but move it sideways. I have the use of a lift. All went well, but on splitting the gearbox, I found that the imput shaft seal was gone, leaking oil. Long story short ended up changing the gearbox. So shop around.
B Smith

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