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I am experiencing clunking from the front end pos suspension whilst going over slight bumps, has anyone else experienced this and if so what was the problem.
Andy Hailstone

How many miles and how old is your F Andy?

Scarlet Fever

29,000 miles P plate
Andy Hailstone

I experienced a knocking from the front of my F for many months and the dealer failed to identify the problem. Someone on this BBS suggested I looked at the bonnet hinges. It turned out that the nearside hinge had rusted slightly and produced a knock as at moved. I applied some oil to the hinge and have not experienced any knocking since.

Neil Stothert

Andy, are you sure its not something loose inside the spare tyre compartment e.g tyre jack, wrench?

MGF rear shocks are known to slip out of their lower mounting bushes. probably could happen to front shocks as well.

i hope its just something simple as that.

Had the same problem on mine. It was the bonnet stay banging against one of the bolt heads. There's a rubber grommet on the stay that had slipped down so I moved it along a bit and now it stays put.

However since having the suspension pumped up (from a nice looking but slightly uncomfortable 320mm!) there's a slightly different clunk from the front end. Could be worn bushes I suppose...
Alister Louis

Check your lower shock absorber bushes - they can get badly worn and the shock can even come off its mounting. Rover/MG do not do replacement bushes just complete shocks at about 120 GBP per unit - or you can buy a set of replacement 'poly' bushes from Mike Satur or B & G for about 35 GBP for all four shocks upper and lower and the DIY job takes about 15 minutes per shock.

Ted Newman

Do try the bonnet hinges. Mine was knocking so badly I thought the near side wheel bearing had gone. Turned out to be the bonnet hinge on the near side. Warranty job I hope.


My car was raised again after many issues going in and out of drive ways. My shock absorbers were changed to MS polyurethine ones whilst being lowered. The car now sits at 310mm, with 100mm off the road (the chassis that is). That is the lowest legal height in NZ. But I am thinking of lowering it to 305 or even to 310mm. Had no trouble at that height at all. (well my KH spoiler scrapes, but that's another story, always did before as well) And definately can recommend going for lowering kit now. I can definately corner better with more confidence.

When the car was sitting at 270~280mm, it was a heaven ride. No body roll at all. Even at 310mm body roll is minimised.

Good luck, and catch up sometime.
Next 2 weeks I will be at Terry's for

1) Head light mod
2) Grill painting / replacing
3) Fit clear / smoked indicators
4) Lower a little further
5) Sports exhaust fitted

etc. Won't happen in a single day, but yeah I will be there quite often, since it's my start of holiday (for 2 weeks)

Best Regards,

Hanah Kim

305mm or 300mm.
Sorry for a typo
Hanah Kim

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