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MG MGF Technical - clutch

i have just brought a MGF 1997 and the clutch bite point is very low is this normal
m stenning

No, the clutch should operate just like any other car. After all, its the same engine / gearbox as in lots of ordinary Rover cars. Check out whether the hydraulics are working properly. The master cylinder is under the front bonnet and you can see the slave if you remove the engine hatch cover.
Mike Howlett

Hi Martin, and welcome...

The clutch bite point is never high, however if it's very low there may be an issue with either the hydraulics or the clutch mechanism. Unless there's some indication that the clutch fluid was changed recently, it's probably worth renewing the fluid & bleeding the system thoroughly. Check for evidence of leakage around the slave cylinder, this can indicate that the seals are letting go, often due to increased resistance from the clutch mechanism (the Achilles heel of the PG1 gearbox). Lots of info in the archives about this, in the case of the clutch arm seizure it's definitely a case of prevention being better than cure 8-(
Mike Hankin

This thread was discussed on 23/02/2007

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